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GAP is an International movement that aims to defend the rights of the
non-human great primates - chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans and bonobos,
our closest relatives in animal kingdom.

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1. Volunteering

One of the best ways to support GAP Project work is to become a volunteer in promoting the ideas and concepts of the rights of great apes. GAP accepts contribution of activities that can benefit the cause, such as schedule places to educative lectures, elaboration of enclosures projects, development of graphic material, support and participation in events etc. These volunteers must also pay attention to any situation of mistreating against animals to denounce the cases.

This kind of volunteering work, which does not include work in the field with the primates, can be done by any person who is committed to the cause and wishes to use their ability skills and experience for the great primates. Those who are interested in becoming a volunteer in GAP Project should contact us for further information.

2. Sign the World Declaration on Great Primates

3. GAP Project UK receives requests for visiting and on job training in the
    affiliated sanctuaries:

On Job Training

Please contact us with regards to On Job Training Programme.


Visitors are welcome to see the primates and the work we do. We undertake a number of rescues from zoos and laboratories where primates and animals have suffered mistreatment and deprivation or are no longer wanted. As they are not equipped for survival in the wild we can only endeavour to make the rest of their lives as enjoyable and stress free as possible.

We do charge an admission fee - All admission charges are used for feeding and caring for the animals -

4. Donations

Donations can be made at

How to Help

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